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Mobile vapor treatment technologies

Burando Envitonmental Services has different mobile solutions for your complicated problem. We analyse your requirements and based on the outcome we determine, together with you, what technology would give the best result.

The mobile technologies we offer are:

  • Unique Wet scrubber, with our patented EcoScrub solution;
  • Cryogene Vapor recovery with the unique Purgit unit;
  • Activated carbon filtration;
  • Gas- and air-assisted flares.

Ecoscrub Solution

The unique EcoScrub system provides a 5 stage treatment:

Step 1: separation
Step 2: condensation
Step 3: mixing
Step 4: scrubbing
Step 5: cold dé-misting

With two 20 ft containers, one for the control-dosing unit and one for the scrubber unit, the system is compact and effectively treats the vapors. Several projects in the past 10 years have proven that our Technology is reliable and efficient compared to all other wet scrubber systems.With a capacity of 3-4000 nm3/hour, EcoScrub unit can treat any shoretank, vessel or barge tank. Usually scrubbers consume substantial quantities of water and additives, but the EcoScrub is designed to use a minimum of water and additives as well as reducing the energy consumption to a minimum. The EcoScrub solution received the BAT status of DCMR in the Netherlands for treating fuel oil vapors.

PURGIT’s mobile vapor recovery units are the fastest and safest VOC vapor control systems available.  Employing state-of-the-art controls and a simple, patented design, PURGIT’s condensers can degas storage tanks, vessels and barges without any recordable emissions.  Using large heat exchangers the PURGIT condenses and recovers VOC vapor from the tank vapor space in a closed loop.  This process operates without a source of ignition and without an exhaust to the atmosphere meeting the most stringent environmental requirements. The storage tank can even be kept inert (nitrogen pad) for safety and product compatibility. Gasoline, EDC, chloroform, benzene, perchloroethylene, trichlorethylene, cumene, and cyclohexane are some of the many products regularly condensed and recovered with this mobile system.

Burando’s mobile Activated Carbon filter is an important filtration method to deal with smells and odors. The mobile units are utilized for industrial air treatment in order to capture toxic air pollutants (primarily Volatile Organics Compounds, VOC). The adsorption products used are unique and are available for various contaminants. The units are easy to use and very compact, plug and play.

Gas- and air-assisted flares

If there is no alternative for treating your vapors than using a flare, Burando operates a turn-key mobile flare service. The units are gas assisted and air assisted and the engineered skid design can be operated from a trailer deck or stabilized pad.

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Burando Environmental Services always has a solution for your complex vapor problem!