BURANDO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has a mobile wet-scrubber for treatment of VOC, H2S, odor control and fumes derived from chemicals and other industrial applications.

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Burando Environmental Services' mission is to apply technologies with the minimum level of environmental impact and the highest possible return. The mobile vapor treatment unit is designed and build based upon these principles.


  • Storage Tanks
  • Tankers
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Degassing
  • Chemical Industries
  • Water Purification plants
  • Dust Treatment

Several projects in the past 10 years have proven that our technology is reliable and efficient compared to all other wet scrubber systems. With two 20 ft containers, one for the control dosing unit and one for the scrubber unit, the system is compact and effectively treats the vapors. 

"Our scrubber unit is designed in a way to be as sustainable as possible while maintaining a very efficient treatment".

Traditional scrubber systems consume substantial quantities of water and additives, but the Ecoscrub is designed to use a minimum of water and additives as well as reducing the energy consumption required to realize maximum performance.

Basic Principle

Burando 26  The Ecoscrub solution recived the BAT (Best Available Technology) status of DCMR (environmental protection       agency) in the Netherlands for treating fuel oil vapors.

 The process is fully automated and can be controlled and optimized remotely.

 Start up and shut down sequence can be programmed, so with a one button push the system can be started   up and shut down.

Burando -07 (1) It makes 24/7 monitoring, adjusting and optimizing   possible. One physical check per day by an operator is   sufficient to operate the Ecoscrub unit.


All running paramters are logged from each operation per day, week or month.

From each run a complete mass balance is produced with totals such as:

  • Clean water Consumption
  • Waste Production
  • Power Consumption
  • Auxiliary Consumption
  • Inlet Analysis
  • Exhaust Analysis

The system can be applied for de-gassing or treatment of vapors from storage tanks, tank ships, water purifications, dry processess, etc..

Burando can provide turnkey solutions for H2S, VOCs, toxic vapors, dust and odor with this mobile scrubber.

5 Treatment Steps in one Unit

  1. Separation
  2. Condensation
  3. Mixing and Dosing
  4. Scrubbing
  5. Cold de-misting

The scrubber system can take hot fumes till 300c!

Two 20 ft Container Units

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Our Mobile Vapor Treatment Unit is mobile and consists of 2 x 20 ft containers. One 20 ft unit is the crubber and the other 20 ft unit is the control/dosing unit. The "Wet Scrubber" unit is explosion proof, we have different Atex fans for different capacities.

Control/ dosing unit

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Scrubber Unit



B.A.T. qualification

The system is qualified by the Dutch Environmental Agency as B.A.T. (Best Available Technology)


Registered under number 2010972


  • Shell Fredericia
  • Odfjell Rotterdam
  • Service Terminal Rotterdam
  • Hexion
  • BASF
  • Orpic Oman
  • Hosokawa