Fendercare Benelux


Fendercare Benelux offers its customers a “one stop ship” solution for a reliable and safe ship-to-ship transfer. Through its broad network and profound knowledge of the ports in the ARA region, Fendercare Benelux provides fenders, hoses, and the expertise of a superintendent for all liquid bulk transfers.

Key figures

  • Fendercare Benelux is ISO 9001 and SCC certified subcontractor
  • Multiple sizes Yokohama fenders 24/7 available
  • Reliable 24/7 delivery and logistical back-up through Burando Logistics affiliate SSL
  • Company policy and procedures in accordance with the ISGOTT and OCIMF standards

With Fendercare Benelux we differentiate two services. Ship-to-ship services and the local rental activity. During the ship-to-ship transfers the entire operation is supervised by one of our superintendents. Besides the full service STS operations we can also provide individual components for your liquid bulk transfer via our rental service.

Through multiple depots in the Port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp the right STS equipment for crude oil, mineral (CPP and DPP), chemical and alcohol products can be supplied at any time. All supplied equipment meets the highest standards as prescribed by the OCIMF and ISGOTT.

Fendercare is the best known and largest Yokohama fender stockist in the world. From our depots a variety of Yokohama fender types can be supplied. With diameter and length ranges from 1.2 x 2.0 (Dia x Length) meters up to the largest 3.3 x 6.5 meters Yokohama Pneumatic fenders. Fendercare Benelux has the equipment for any ship and terminal in the ARA region and guarantees a safe, efficient STS mooring and liquid cargo transfer!