BURANDO MARITIME SERVICES (BMS) aims to continuously  develop and improve itself

BMS gives the highest priority to health, safety and environmental protection. All our activities shall be based on a zero accidents philosophy, meaning that our goal is zero injuries, no accidental pollution, reduced environmental impact and no damage to cargo, ships or other properties.
We eveluate risk, review performance and share experiences transparantly.

BMS is aware of the impact it can have on its surroundings and stakeholders, in terms of quality, health & safety, environment, image and legal compliance. To ease this impact as much as possible, a dedicated member of our executive team with the appropriate authority and responsibility has been put in charge of it.

In addition, BMS has implemented an integrated risk-based management system which is in line with internationally recognized standards to manage quality, health, safety and environmental performance. The following companies are certified:

  • BMS Holding: ISO9001
  • SSL Rotterdam & Amsterdam: ISO9001
  • SSL Cranebarge 2: VCA*
  • ISD: ISO14001
  • FC/BES: ISO9001/VCA*
  • Trefoil Trading: ISCC